Car Advertising Sticker

Putting on advertisement on your business truck or any vehicle is an effectively marketing way, due to its mobility. We provide not only professional vehicle graphics for you, we also have an expert installation team that will ensure your vehicle stickers are installed correctly at the first place. Contact us now to help you initiate the marketing idea from scratch that will positively impact your business’ sales.

car ad sticker car ad sticker1

Static Cling

When you feel like having a form of advertising for your business but not sure on how you can do it in a cost effective way? Static clings are the perfect chose as you can use it over and over again on windows and other possible advertising space available, giving you more options. You can have it as a mobile advertisement by sticking it on the windows of your car, van or truck. You can even give it out to your customers as a tool to place their road tax so they can stick on their car window, or a form of branding with nice graphic to place on their back windscreen and advertise for you. It is cost effective method of marketing.

We can create custom window clings in a variety of shapes, sizes and design. Static clings can be printed in any amount from short runs to large order.

Contact us today if you would like to order or tailor made a static cling design to meet your specific needs.

window static cling window static cling1

window static clingwindow static cling3


Stair Graphic Stickers

When walking up the stairs, most people usually just stare straight, making staircase an ideal place for advertisement. Creating an eye catching ad will make people pause and look at your ad before continuing on their way. If you have an office on second floor, why not consider having an ad on your stairs? Consult us today.

stair graphics02

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Floor Stickers

Using floor sticker is a quick and creative way to convert your floor space into an amazing marketing area. It is innovative and easily attract attention. Floor stickers are easily customized and is cost effective.3D floor sticker is gaining its popularily in the market, having a “pop up” visual of your ad drives more attention than the conventional die cut sticker and proves to be more effective in delivering your message to potential customers. It is all about visual tricks, please consult us for more details.

Floor sticker01

Floor sticker03 Floor sticker05

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Shop Front Stickers

Many shops have chosen to put on a big piece of sticker at their shop front glass as a method of advertising to achieve effice marketing. We are professional in creating custom window graphics to meet the needs of your business, be it small or large scale.

Placing window stickers in high traffic areas will attract potential customers attention to your product or services. It is an excellent way to draw in new customers to your retail shop, expanding your customer base. Shop front stickers are normally close in sight to view, therefore we pay great attention to high quality printing. Window stickers in fact provides great return on your investment.

shop front sticker2mesh sticker1

mesh sticker


 Wall Stickers

Be it wall stickers at your home, office, restaurants etc, we provide all necessary materials and professional advise to make the outcome the finest. Wall stickers are usually installed on large pieces of walls where the visuals are visible from far distance. This is especially effective in capturing one’s vision into the promotional items or services that is promoted in the wall stickers.

wall stickerwall sticker2

Interior Stickers

Thinking of decorating your office? Try putting on stickers with graphics or your company info printed on it, it can be a way of branding, and can effectively changes the ambiance in your office. Interior stickers are also used as an advertising tool, visitors get to see your company’s principle through the graphics. Putting on interior stickers also increase liveliness in your business area.

transparent sticker2glass sticker

frosted sticker2


Die-cut Stickers

Go unique with your branding effort with die-cutted stickers. Custom die-cut stickers can be applied to glass windows, tables, walls, cabinets or furniture.

die cut stickerdie cut sticker2