A Business with NO SIGN is a sign of NO BUSINESS! Get your SIGN up today!

Signage and Display is an ideal method to convey information, merchandising and advertising to your targetted audiences and attract new business. Business Sign is the first thing to represent your company that creates the first impression to your visitors and potential clients, and we know just how to make sure your signage portrays the right image about your business.

We offer a complete solution for all types of signage and display including but not limited to shop fronts, business signs, industrial signs, directional signs, indoor and outdoor signages, display posters, labels etc.


Acrylic Signage

Acryilc is the perfect alternative for glass given its transparency and durability. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor, and last for a long time. Given its flexibility in making into any shape, any size, for any purpose, from shop windows to billboards, acrylic sign is definitely recommended.

acrylic signacrylic sign2acrylic sign1   acrylic sign3acrylic sign

Building Signage

building signagebuilding signage2

building signage3


Aluminum Pylon Signage

pylon sign3pylon sign2pylon sign4

pylon sign


Backlit Signage

led sign4led sign5

led sign2

led sign3  led sign


LED Display Panel

LED Display Panel is one of the effective advertising tool that makes dynamic impression on the local scene. As the technology advances, LED displays are getting better, clearer and more affordable. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

LED Displays are gradually replacing the conventional manual letter boards and large billboards. You can now transmit marketing material directly to the signs on a daily basis, depending on your marketing strategy. With its animated function, you can have more than 1 message going on a loop. It is a dynamic advertising tool that more and more people are looking, to provide instand information updates to the public.

LED panel02LED panel01

LED panel03

LED panel04

3D Signage

(Acrylic, Stainless steel, Plastic, Metal)

3d sign3d sign3

3D sign43d sign2

Info Sign

Very often used to convey messages to the public to either direct or inform. Many with a pictogram that make it more catchy and easier to understand even when people don’t read it.

A lot of people now customize their own sign or directional board to fit according to their own style or business theme. Show us your design or have us design for you, we are able to customize in a minimal quantity.

info sign2

info sign

info sign3info sign5


Lightbox Sign

Lightbox sign is among the most widely used type of signage.

lightbox sign

lightbox sign2